"I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and every highway And more, much more I did it, I did it my way" -Frank sinatra

A nomadic traveller, novelist, short story author and poet, Ashikin M. was born in Ipoh Perak, Malaysia. Picking up experiences, knowledge and wisdom on the road, her touchstones are her stories, ever observant, without hesitations. Her steps took her from one panorama to another, one backdrop to another, to find the umami in life, which she then turn into her stories, to be written or performed.

She has been many things in life; a reader of law, a TVC model, a strategist for an aviation company, a chief for ASEAN education programs across different countries, explorer of a Singapore technology-based company and currently holds directorship in a Malaysian-based company but her true vocation is a storyteller.

She has expressed questions and perspectives about people, moments, science, philosophies & time in nine fictional books that have been published by Laras 99, Roman Buku, Rabak Lit and Terbitan Langit in Malaysia.

Si Romantik Yang Sudah Mati, Pabila Pesawat Bertemu Bulan, Mimpi-Mimpi Nomad and SUNSET1989 were a success that led her to pave her debut in Indonesia with Elefante Publisher. Ashikin M’s upcoming book with Indonesia writers, Yoanna Dianika and Henny Simamora, The Color of Regret will be released in April, 2021 in Indonesia.