A Writer’s Journal by Ashikin M


“My true vocation, the closest thing that binds me to life – is writing stories. I have been writing books for five years. Burning Constellation, Si Romantik Yang Sudah Mati, Mimpi-Mimpi Nomad, Pabila Pesawat Bertemu Bulan and SUNSET1989 are part of the titles that I love from the bottom of my heart.

I find pleasure in experimenting, researching and writing about moments between time, space and people in different cities. The scenes have never been the same, though sometimes I try to use different methods to revisit the same stories. Getting to know people who live different lives taught me to come alive in my stories. My fulfilment comes from learning about children in different ASEAN countries by understanding their education system and visiting villages in remote areas, before immortalising moments with them in my stories.”